Tonight I just felt so moved to write from my heart.  In the last two days I’ve had the honor to cry with some friends.  I call it an honor because I felt as if God were right there in our midst over the phone line, in person and over a facebook message. (I have tears in my eyes right now.)  There are so many things that people in our lives go through and they hurt, they hurt deeply.  You feel helpless when talking to that person, you want to fix it for them, you want to take away their pain and YOU CAN’T.  All I can do is take their pain to the Father…our Daddy.  I want to share something that I wrote a few months back that I pray encourages you if you are going through something painful whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually!!!  Be blessed!!

Our Daddy

Our Daddy…Created the whole world in 6 days

Our Daddy…Made us to look just like Him.  

Our Daddy…can make the waters rise and flood the whole world.                                                               

Our Daddy…can call down fire from heaven.

Our Daddy…can talk through a burning bush.

Our Daddy..can separate water so that we can walk on dry land.

Our Daddy…can make walls crumble and destroy our enemies.  

Our Daddy…is not afraid of Lions or bears or Giants.  

Our Daddy..is on our side.  

Our Daddy…can heal the sick, make the blind to see, make the lame to walk, can turn water into wine.  

Our Daddy…is so proud of you.

Our Daddy…loves your unique abilities and gifts.  

Our Daddy…plays no favorites….you’re one of a kind.

Our Daddy…loves to be with you!!

Our Daddy…loves to talk to you and loves for you to talk to Him!!

Our Daddy…is the the Almighty, the comforter, the counselor.

Our Daddy…never changes..He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Our Daddy…knew who you were before you were even born and had a plan for your life.

Our Daddy…never makes mistakes.

Our Daddy…has always loved you and always will.

Our Daddy…was willing to lay down His life for you and DID!!  

Our Daddy…conquered the Grave!!!

In doubt about who our Daddy is…He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, the Alpha and Omega, the comforter, Light of the world, the Great Physician, Redeemer, The Rock, The Master…the Great I AM!!!

 AND Our Daddy…is waiting for us with arms wide open to come home.  

And when we see OUR DADDY…we’re gonna run right straight into HIS arms and say to him…Hi DADDY I’m finally home!!



The Ring

I love those cute little cupcakes you can get at the store with the yummy frosting and a little ring on top of them.  I’m sometimes tempted to buy a dozen just to get the little ring on top. It seems that I’ve always wanted a ring!!  One that I could wear on my left hand. The kind of ring that a man would put there.  A permanent ring that would say to the world, “I belong to this guy.”  But that’s not happened for me so far.  I’ve been asked many times why I’m not married.  I don’t know that I have or could ever have a definite answer, but I usually answer with “I’ve just not met the right guy yet.” You see most of us girls were raised to think that we would finish High School, finish college, establish a career, get married and have babies.  It’s the natural progression of life for us girls.  But when that doesn’t fall all into place, we begin to question God. People innocently begin to ask why or how come you’re not married.  Because you know there is this certain age your suppose to meet the right man and get married.  It’s expected!! WHAT PRESSURE!!  So many girls fall into this trap of expectation and marry just to marry.  I once asked this divorced woman who had been married to an alcoholic why she married him in the first place and she said, “Cause he asked.”  She thought it was the thing to do and she told me that she had made a huge mistake. My friends, life is short.  Enjoy your life until God brings you the man HE wants to bring to you.  You see God already put a RING on your finger.  No other ring will ever or could ever compare to the ring our FATHER has already placed there.  It’s a permanent ring…a ring that can never be replaced.  Everyday I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with my father THE RING giver.  I’m blessed to call HIM my beloved because you see I’m HIS beloved!!

Life is So Sweet

I love cake!!  As a kid on my birthday I would always request a white decorated cake with lots of frosting flowers.  To this day, I still want that kind of cake on my birthday.  On one of my birthdays when I didn’t live close to my parents, mom called the secretary at the church I was serving in Missouri and had her get one for me. When the secretary came walking into my office with the cake and said it was from my parents I started crying.

You see cake is special to me!!  It means celebration, happiness, joy and fun!!! The taste of cake is sweet and puts a smile on my face.  And yes I do like cutting my own birthday cake!!  Of course I want the biggest piece for myself with all the frosting flowers on it!!

Life to me kind of reminds me of cake. Sometimes you get a corner piece of the cake with lots of frosting flowers and sometimes you get a middle piece of cake with no frosting and it leaves you wanting more.   Life is like that sometimes, it doesn’t always turn out how you planned it.  My plan for my life was to marry and have the sweet love of a husband and have babies to hold in my arms.  But instead God gave me a passion for Children and Children’s Ministry.  You see God saw more than I could ever imagine for my life. Yes I still yearn and long for the love of sweet husband but life has been sweet…it’s good, it’s amazing, it’s hard and rewarding at the same time.  Trusting in the Lord with all my heart has been really hard sometimes….but I can say with confidence that trusting in the LORD has been so sweet.  Everyday God gives me another corner piece of cake and I’m so excited to see what tomorrow will bring as my life grows sweeter and sweeter!!!

Cake Cutting

Always the Cake Cutter!!  That’s ME!!  After cutting cake at more weddings than I can count which I think may be at least 9 weddings I now have a policy I live by…I will not cut the cake at another wedding as long as I live!!!

It kinda got funny after a while.  A friend, not a close enough friend to ask me to be a bridesmaid but nevertheless a friend would ask me to cut the cake at their wedding.  So I’d show up at the reception and I’d be handed a table knife and a spatula and start cutting away on the cake.  After about four weddings with a table knife and spatula I actually decided to invest in a nice marble handled set of tools for my trade.  In fact I still have that set of tools up in my cupboard just in case I would change my mind and decide to cut the cake again at a dear friends wedding!! But only a dear friend!!

Thus the reason I decided to name this blog, “Always the Cake Cutter.”  It seemed right to title it that for the simple fact that it really mimics my life.  I hope as I begin to share what God has done in my life and through my life over the past 50 something years, you will be encouraged and have a good laugh here and there along our journey together.

My favorite verse that I have lived by for many years is from Joshua 1:5 and it says, “As I was with Moses I will be with you (Joshua), I will never leave you or forsake you.”